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Happy Rollin'

Roll into the world of colorful rollerskates, and keep your balance with HiCandy, who’s there to support you with every step of your journey. HiCandy is the fun, colorful and fashionable way to get around town, a vibrant and upbeat roller skate brand with almost 25 years of experience in the skating industry.


The team behind HiCandy is proud to be supporting such a compelling sport and industry. All products are designed in Singapore and distributed worldwide!


We're a brand committed to developing high-quality skates and skate-related merchandise that integrates comfort, fashion, and affordability. Our skates are also tailored to accommodate a wide range of skaters with various abilities, from beginners to experts. 



Our mission is to connect skaters from all over the world, and continuously strive to innovate and inspire them with our products. 



Our vision is to provide an inclusive skate community for passionate skaters, inspire individuals and to allow skaters to indulge in products filled with vibrancy and joy. 


Hi Candy crew are the brand’s ambassador and faces of Hi Candy Skates, they are a diverse group of skaters who are experienced in different aspects of roller skating. Their specialties range from Park Skating to Roller Jamming and more.  

They also represent Hi Candy Skates in a variety of events, such as performances and community development, which is one of Hi Candy Skates' goals, to establish a strong skating community.  

Our Hi Candy crew is made up of the friendliest, most talented and most fun skaters around, come join them to skate together whenever you catch them around.

Interested in joining our crew? Register your interest by clicking the button below and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Park/Jam Skater

Sophia (they/she) is a roller skater, artist, and law student from Singapore. They have been rollerskating for 2 years and also work for Hvper Sport & the skating rink, HiRoller. Sophia mainly does park skating and jam skating and dabbles in some aggro inline skating from time to time. They have a contagious, joyful energy every time they are on 8 wheels.

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Park/Jam Skater

Faith (She/Her) has been rollerskating for 2 years and park skating for a year now. She focuses more on aggressive quad skating. They got inspired to skate by stumbling on an Instagram video of someone jam skating (grooving on skates) and wanted to look as cool as them and their fashion sense was something she's been wanting to explore.

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Park Skater

Afiq (he/him) have been rollerskating for close to 2 years & mainly does park skating. While exploring grinds and slides on the mini-ramp, he also likes to play around with a wide variety of stall combinations. Occasionally seen at the indoor skating rink of Hiroller, he dabbles in some dance skating and vibe to the songs played.

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Jam/Park Skater

After stumbling across a video of the rollerskaters on Long Beach two years ago, Fazrina bought her first pair of roller skates and started out jam skating at MBS on Friday nights. She now mostly hits the skate park and when she’s not on skates, her alter ego is a makeup artist/cosplayer.

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Jam Skater

Zeha (b. 2000) is a non-binary roller skater and they go by they/them pronouns. They are a jam skater and enjoys experimenting with different flows and movements. Outside of skating, Zeha is a performance artist who explores concepts of relationships between queerness, ethnicity, famil(y)iarity and reconcilation through various mediums.

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Street/Jam Skater

Hailing from Singapore,Rosie (she/her) is a rollerskater who mostly skates street. Her favourite tricks are frontside grinds and gaps. Rosie used to be a coach for HiRoller before pursuing her journey with Vans where shes exposed more to skate culture. She also dabbles with jam skating from time to time.

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Jam Skater

Kris (she/her) is an avid rollerskater, music fan, and interior design student! She usually jam skates with friends, and loves to cruise along MBS and gardens by the bay with a cup of bandung in her hand. Kris is still learning so much after almost three years on rollerskates. She loves to do spins and her specialty is the backwards strut!

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Rhythm/Urban Skater

Jayden (he/him) is a roller skater, and currently serving as an NSF in the Singapore armed forces. He has been roller skating since he was 16, but only recently started skating seriously during the fall of 2021. Jayden mainly does rhythm skating and urban, and he is currently trying to learn jam skating on top of learning a few stand alone tricks. He is a nice extroverted person that loves to meet new friends and will always vibing it out whenever he’s on them shinny wheels of his.

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Derby/Figure/Jam Skater

Ili (she/her) has been skating since she was 16. Starting out as fresh meat in Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls, Ili learnt the ways of flat track roller derby through her predecessors. Since, Ili has grown a fondness for other types of skating such as Figure Skating and Jam Skating - citing the likes of Vanessa Bauer, Nicole Fiore, and Coco Franklin as inspiration.

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Tilda (she/her) was foreign to the skating world until she joined the HiRoller team! Starting out with inline skating, she quickly picked up the sport of skating and improved her skills. Joining HiRoller has opened the world of rollerskating for her, and since then she has been exploring and constantly trying to learn.

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